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Processing Centre of DMNG is one of the most powerful specialized G&G data processing centers in Russia, which provides high-quality seismic data processing up to the world industry standards.

The key component of high-quality processing is a high-level professional skill of the Processing Centre employees. Our experts have more than a 40-year experience in processing of both offshore and onshore seismic data from different regions of Russia and other countries. They pass regular training and probation in the processing and training centers of our partner companies located in different countries of the world.

In recent years, the Processing Centre of DMNG has performed the orders of major oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Amoco, Marathon, Arco, TNK, BP, ROSNEFT-SAKHALINMORNEFTEGAZ and others as a result of international tenders for the development of oil and gas fields offshore Sakhalin.

Department activity:

  • Seismic and navigation data processing;
  • Department structure:

  • Seismic data processing team;
  • Navigation data processing team;
  • Technical support team.
  • Seismic data processing team

    Full cycle processing of 2D/3D seismic data whether acquired offshore, onshore or in transit zones. Re-processing of archive and scanned seismic materials. Processing Center of DMNG is capable to process up to 8 thousand sq. km of 3D marine seismic data or up to 250 thousand linear km of 2D marine seismic data.

    Navigation data processing team

    Geodetic data processing, which includes:

  • Gridding of both graphical and digital data on known spheroids and projections;
  • Data processing, which includes filtration, search for and correction of random and systematic errors;
  • Scanning and digitization of any plans;
  • Imaging and referencing of contour lines in any coordinate system in the form of 2D and 3D grid.
  • Technical support team

    The team performs installation, starting and maintenance of the whole base of computer and peripheral equipment:

  • Work stations and multiprocessor computer systems;
  • Personal computers;
  • All types of input/output devices, plotters, scanners and printers;
  • System administration, diagnostics;
  • Information access control management;
  • Local networks creation, adjustment and upgrading for specific projects;
  • System and application programming;
  • Setup and technical support of mobile computer centers;
  • Consulting services.
  • Hardware

    Processing facilities

  • Cluster 192 NODE INTEL XEON 2X3.2GHz - 2X3.4GHz (384 CPU)
  • Peripheral equipment

  • Magnetic tape storage system: model IBM-3490, IBM-3590 and IBM-3592;
  • Input/output devices: Exabyte, DLT, LTO1-4, CD/DVD
  • Plotters

  • OYO-GS636/24 Thermal raster Plotter/Printers;
  • Large Format HP DesignJet 755, 1055 series Color Plotters;
  • Large number of modern black-and-white as well as color printers and scanners.
  • Software

  • Geocluster - CGGVeritas software package (system operated from 1978)
  • Promax - Landmark - seismic software (system operated from 1994)
  • Tesseral
  • Millennium
  • Possibility to interconnect software technologies secures high efficiency of processing in the performance of any tasks, including nonstandard ones.

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