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The field operations are finished within the sea area of Pre-Kamchatka-Pacific sedimentary basin (underwater margin of the East Kamchatka). The research is carried out by means of the Federal budget within the State Contract signed between the Holding and Department for Subsoil Use on the Continental Shelf and in the World Ocean.
During the field season 2017, from August till the end of October, 2D CDP Seismic Survey in total scope of 5700 line kilometers was carried out using seismic Vessel Orient Explorer (Dalmorneftegeophysica JSC, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk). At the same moment, another subsidiary of holding - Yuzhmorgeologiya JSC (Gelendzhik) performed the same scope of gravity and magnetic survey. The square of the studied area is 104 863, 8 ².
The Survey was completed before the deadline due to the high professionalism of the field party from m/v Orient Explorer. As a result, high quality geophysical data was acquired, which will be further processed and interpretated. The Customer's requirements for environmental and marine mammals protection were met throughout the survey, with due observance of all relevant instructions.
Based on the results of processing works, the specialists will have to solve important geological tasks and determine the subsurface geology as well as the structure of sedimentary cover and the regional structural-tectonic plan of Pre-Kamchatka-Pacific Basin, and identify and outline the possible zones of oil and gas accumulation.
The result of the project implementation should be the assessment of localized hydrocarbon resources and development of recommendations for subsequent geological exploration to replicate the hydrocarbon resources base. The assessment of localized hydrocarbon resources and development of recommendations for subsequent exploration with the purpose of hydrocarbons reserves replacement shall become the outcome of the project realization.
It is planned to complete the study of sedimentary basin by the end of 2019.

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