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Geology Tomorrow. Rosgeo summed up the competition of scientific works.
Rosgeo JSC announces the winners of "Geology Tomorrow" scientific works competition. The event was organized by the Holding to stimulate the development of the scientific potential of geological industry, scientific-and-technical initiative of young scientists and specialists in fundamental and applied research in the field of Earth sciences.

Young scientists were invited to participate: postgraduates, undergraduates, doctoral students, specialists, leading scientific and technical activities engaged in research and experimental development in the field of geology and geological exploration in scientific and educational organizations that have not reached the age of 40 years.
From July 1 to August 4, there was a reception of the competitive documentation in the following nominations: "Research in the field of geological sciences" (geology, geophysics, mineralogy, geochemistry, hydrogeology, ecology, minerals: prospecting, exploration, extraction), "Innovative solutions and technologies" (new hardware and engineering tools, equipment, methodological and technological solutions), "Software for geological exploration".

Totally 47 applications were received. The participants were young scientists from 20 towns of Russia - from Moscow to St. Petersburg to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - at the age of 22 to 39 years.

Last week the names of the winners became known after the competition commission completed the processing of materials.

In the nomination "Research in the field of Geology Studies", the victory was awarded to Artem Musikhin, Senior Lecturer of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas for his work "The Structure of Void Space of Rocks and its influence on the development of non-traditional hydrocarbon deposits in the Khadum Deposits of East Pre-Caucasus". The second place was shared by Pavel Gorbunon, 2-d grade engineer from TyumenNIIgiprogaz LLC, who presented " The Prognosis of Pressure and Temperature Conditions of Subsoil within the North Part of West-Siberia Oil and Gas Province", and Alexander Zhiguliev, geophysicist of Dalmorneftegeophysica JSC, who brought the article "The Study of Gas Hydrates of the Bering Sea using AVO analysis". The third place was awarded to Anna Suslova (Lomonosov MSU), Irina Strelchenko (Rosgeo JSC), Marina Chetina (KamNIIKIGS JSC).

In the nomination "Innovative solutions and technologies", Ilnar Khasanov, Senior Lecturer, Vice Dean of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas , became a winner with a series of articles on the creation of digital model of rock materials. The second place was awarded to Alexei Dorofeev, an programming engineer of VNIGRIugol, for his work in the field of using innovative technologies while modeling the structural surfaces of coal deposits. The third place was awarded to Elena Kotova, Deputy Director, Scientific Work of Saint Petersburg Mining University, with the scientific project "Application the Techniques of Process Mineralogy for the Development of Innovative Solutions for the Recovery of Mineral Resources from Anthropogenic Raw Materials".
In the nomination "Software for Geological Exploration" the first place was awarded to Victor Romanov, Russian State Geological Prospecting University, second place was awarded to Ivan Kupriyanov (Moscow State University/VNIGNI), the third place was awarded to Azamat Kutlumukhaev (Russian State Geological Prospecting University).

Such competitions are an effective tool for the building of human resources potential in the country. This priority as well as solving of other staffing problems is one of overarching for Rosgeo.

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