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Record scope of exploration survey has been performed on the Shelf of the East Siberian Sea

According to Rosneft Information Division, a record scope of exploration survey has been performed on the Shelf of the East Siberian Sea using one vessel. The total scope of 2D Seismic Survey, which has been performed for one season, is 6,5 thousand square kilometers, comparable with the scope of two-years contract.
Rosneft specialists were first to cover hard-to-reach parts (Central and North) of the East-Siberian-1 License area with regular seismic lines grid within the complex of seismic exploration works in the offshore area of the East Siberian Sea.
The field study was performed from July 2016 till October 2016 using Akademik Fersman, a specialized research vessel (owned by Dalmorneftegeophysica, JSC).
The acquired information will be sent for further processing and interpretation. The results of seismic exploration works will allow obtaining the detailed data on subsoil structure within the studied license area and evaluate oil and gas potential of the region.
Seismic exploration is a reliable method for study of subsoil geology and due to its high resolution allows generating precise geological models of the survey areas, enhancing the likelihood of the correct evaluation of oil and gas potential.
The East-Siberian Sea is characterized by the most severe climatic conditions and ice regime in the Arctic region, therefore all involved specialists had the necessary training and experience for work in the polar waters.
Oil Company Rosneft performs exploration program in the offshore area of the Arctic Seas in strict accordance with the requirements of the RF Environmental law, in compliance with environmental and industrial safety standards. Marine Mammals Monitoring is carried out on the ongoing basis as a part of exploration program.

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