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JSC Dalmorneftegeophysica (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the company is a part of Rosgeo State Holding) has completed the work in the offshore zone of the northern Kuril Islands in the Pacific, scheduled for this year.

Currently, the data acquired during the field season, is being processed. The Company implements integral regional geophysical surveys under government contract signed in 2014 with the Department of Subsoil Use, on the continental shelf and the World Ocean.

The main objective of the project is to study sedimentary cover section and regional structural geometry and tectonic plan of DMNG sedimentary basin as well as the assessment of petroleum potential of the homonymic trough. These structures were named after Dalmorneftegeophysica, which has been successfully operating in the region for a long time.

The offshore zone of the northwestern Pacific is a unique area, the study of which is very promising for the solution of fundamental and applied geological problems. The most important one is representation of geodynamics for the island arcs and suture zones of lithosphere plates; identification of the laws of formation and structure of the island-arc marginal sedimentary basins, and evaluation of their oil and gas potential, - says Alexei Soloviev, Managing Director of JSC Dalmorneftegeophysica - DMNG Trough identified in 2005 is referred to this type of structures. The area of survey has practically not been studied by geophysical methods. Seismic lines acquired here proved that there is good reason to expect the presence of geological features with certain prospects for oil and gas potential.

Works under the contract commenced in late 2014. Surveys were conducted on the irregular line grid, in scope of 4300 line km, including 2D CDP seismic reflection method, surface gravimetry and hydromagnetic measurements. Field seismic surveys were performed by specialized vessels Orient Explorer and Akademik Fersman, fitted with necessary equipment and facilities.

The surveyed area composed 110120 square km.

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