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SCI – 10. Object “Depth structure and determination of geodynamic evolution research of the Sea of Okhotsk”.

Okhotsk Sea region causing the interest for geological study combines the structures of various kinds and age that are of nowadays depression of the Sea of Okhotsk and its margins (Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Kuril Islands and the continent). Per the existing geodynamic reconstructions generation of Okhotsk link of Asian shift zone continent – ocean was in Cretaceous period in the result of Laramie phase of tecto-genesis and generation of basement of Okhotsk Sea region (Okhotck plate basement). Destructive tectonic processes occurred in the region during Cenozoic period effected to deposit of sedimentary basins margining Okhotsk fold structure that steadily takes high position and was the source of fragmentary material within the period of accumulation of Paleogene – Neogene complexes of sedimentary cover.

The issue whether Okhotsk fold and Central Okhotsk uplift in general are part of Euro-Asian continent represents scientific interest with regard to studying of geological development of transmission zone from the continent to Pacific Ocean.

The results of complex interpretation carried out by DMNG for various structures of the Sea of Okhotsk shows high information capacity due to availability of quality seismic material and the use of modern achievements in field acquisition technologies and their processing.

To try to solve the issues of geodynamical development of the region 2D seismic acquisitions with irregular line grid are proposed to be carried out in the peripheral parts of Okhotsk fold. Complex use of gravity and magnetic survey data as well as of materials from various sources (published and fund) allow getting closer to the solution of several actual geological tasks.

Object research program includes carrying out of 2D RSS CDP in the scope of 7864 line km with the use of modern methods of acquisition, processing and interpretation of G&G data.

The operations are planned to be carried out within the terms from 2010 to 2011.

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