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ESS – 10. Object “Geological structure and evaluation of oil and gas content of sedimentary basins research in East Siberian Sea”.

State Contract # 04/02/70-48 dated 14 December 2009.

The area of G&G survey covers the central part of East Siberian Sea and small part of western sector of Chukchi Sea. East Siberian and Chukchi Seas are peripheral seas of Arctic Ocean and located on continental shelf to 200 m isobath. The boundary between the seas passes along 180° meridian crossing the island of Vrangel.

G&G surveys on the object named “Research of geological structure and evaluation of oil and gas content of sedimentary basins in East Siberian Sea” are planned with the purpose of studying of regional features of sedimentary basins geological structure, pointing out of zones of probable oil and gas accumulation, evaluation of HC resources by D2 category (Russian Category) with following issue of recommendations for further G&G operations in the region.

The survey program includes carrying out of 2D RSS CDP seismic surveys in scope of 8550 line km with the use of modern methods of acquisition, processing and interpretation of G&G data. Together with seismic survey gravity and hydrodynamic surveys will be carried out.

The operations are planned to be realized within the period from IV quarter of 2009 to III quarter of 2012.

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