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ARS – 10. Object “Depth structure and determination of geodynamic evolution research of East Arctic shelf seas”.

Arctic basin and its continental margins are studied extremely unequally, the less studied and causing the most discussions concerning to tectonic plan are East Arctic structures. Within recent years new data about various aspect of geology of continental margins, Arctic Ocean tectonic history and reconstruction of ancient sedimentary basins were obtained. New solutions were proposed for a set of issues and accordingly the most actual problems proposed as subject for new researches were determined.

Inequality and poor knowledge on a number of objects and complexes of Arctic shelf are the main reasons of variety of existing viewpoints, complicatedness and discuss ability of the solutions concerning to tectonic nature and geological history of main structures.

The surveys carried out under the programs of International Polar Year (2007-2008), proved that on the present phase the main goal is accumulation of new knowledge that should become a basis for further tectonic interpretations, summaries and reconstructions.

Despite the significant achievements in understanding of geology and tectonic history of Arctic shelf the important problems remain unsolved. New data will require including of significant correctives in our image of tectonic development of Arctic periphery of Asia and will open new pages East Arctic geological chronics.

To try to solve the issues of geodynamical development of the region 2D SRM surveys are proposed to be carried out within the shelf of Laptev sea, East Siberian sea and Chukchi sea; the survey is proposed to be done by irregular line grid in the scope of 8600 line km.

The operations are planned to be carried out within the period from 2010 to 2012.

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