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Alexey Solovyov, Managing Director

Doctor’s degree in Geology and Minerology


In 1993, he graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Geology, where he majored in Geological Mapping, Prospecting, and Exploration of Minerals, with a doctor’s degree in Geology and Mineralogy.

He is the author of more than 100 publications on Geology and Tectonics of North-East Russia and Arctic.

Employment Background

1992–2004: Research Assistant, Junior Researcher, Research Associate, Academic Secretary, Laboratory Head, Institute of the Lithosphere, Russian Academy of Sciences;

2007–2010: Deputy Director for Science, Institute of Geology, Russian Academy of Sciences. 2004–2013: Laboratory Head, Institute of Geology, Russian Academy of Sciences;

2013-2014: Chief Geologist, Rosgeologia, JSC.

Since 2014: Deputy Director for Science and Perspective Planning, Rosgeologia, JSC.

Since 2015: Managing Director, DALMORNEFTEGEOPHYSICA, JSC.

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